Why Hiring Licensed Pool Builders Near Me Is Absolutely Essential

By: Leon Levigne

When you get ready to make any improvements on your property, you may receive unsolicited estimates from unlicensed parties. This is all too common and incredibly detrimental if you make the mistake of falling prey to it. This is especially true when it comes to pool design, installation, and repairs. At Pool and Patio Design, we want you to understand why hiring licensed pool builders near me is always the smartest choice.

Unlicensed professionals have not taken the time to follow due process and protocol for their own businesses. It only stands to reason that they will cut corners when handling your own. To obtain licensing, professionals must show that they have obtained all of the necessary training and certifications and that they have the right skill sets. When a provider is licensed, you can rest assured that they’re actually capable of getting the job done right.

Most people who lack licensing for their services also lack insurance. This is a huge risk for homeowners. Not only can you wind up paying out of your own pocket for the damages they cause, but you may lose your own homeowners’ insurance policy in the process. Insurance companies are not willing to cover consumers who take unnecessary risks and who don’t comply with the terms and conditions of their own policies.

There is also the potential for workers to get hurt on your property. When you hire an unlicensed swimming pool contractor in Pompano Beach, you face the risk of dealing with a premises liability suit. Worse still, if you have coverage that gets terminated due to non-compliance, you will have to pay for the resulting damages all by yourself.

Whether paying for pool resurfacing or a general build, you have to remember that these projects can impact a number of surrounding structures. When people don’t know what they’re doing, they can damage utility lines, nearby vehicles, trees, building structures, underground plumbing, and more. Although getting an extremely low quote for your project might seem appealing right now, it can wind up costing you a fortune in the long-run if the contractor isn’t licensed and insured.

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