Artificial Turf

Seeking a Local Expert in Artificial Turf Installation?

Benefits of Going Artificial


Across the southern United States, more and more homeowners are installing artificial turf in their lawns and backyards because it is eco-friendly and does not need to be watered, mowed, or induced with fertilizer. Moreover, new generations of artificial turf grass closely resembles the natural grass lawn without the risk of weed or insect infestation. Artificial turf is highly affordable and easy to install, saving you from expensive traditional landscaping costs associated with natural grass lawns.

Withstanding the Test of Time


The life expectancy of an artificial turf installed by the professionals at Pool & Patio Design can last years, which makes it significantly less costly compared to maintaining and caring for real grass. No matter the time of year of lack of rain, customers can enjoy a vibrant and colorful lawn that looks great and provides the perfect, safe environment for children and pets to explore and play. Trust the experts at Pool & Patio Design to provide you with the perfect artificial turf to compliment the beauty of your backyard renovation project.

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