Understanding Pool Leak Repair In Pompano Beach

By: Leon Levigne

You may notice that pool-water is decreasing at a high rate. Well, this may be due to leaks in the pond. To confirm that you have leaks in the structure, we do a little experiment. Fill a bucket with water to the brim and mark out with a tape. We also fill the pool and mark where the water stands before evaporation. We leave them for about 24 hours if there is a vast difference between them then you have leaks and need a pool leak repair in Pompano Beach.

To determine where the leaks are emanating from we fill your pond to its average level and mark it. Letting its filter run for 24hours and measure the water loss. Then we fill the pond again to its average level and then mark, turn off the filter for 24hours then measure the water loss. If you are losing more water when the filter is on, then the leaks may be from the pumps. But if you are losing more water when the filter is turned off, then the leaks may be from the vacuum area of your plumbing.

When dealing with leaks from the plumbing area, we first pressure test the lines then dig if necessary. We have specialized geophones that enable us to listen to leaks and fix them appropriately. We also look at the structure itself to identify cracks. We place a dye in water, and if there are any cracks in your shell, it will squeeze in the color dye. We drain the water in a pond and fix all cracks using patching materials.

If you have a vinyl pond, then repairing leaks in its shell may be a little difficult but not impossible. Look at the liners to see if the fittings have pulled away if so call us immediately as we know how to repair it effectively. If you try fixing it by yourself, the problem may become worse. Vinyl has patterns that make it challenging to identify a puncture or hole. We, however, run through the shell and locate where leaks are emanating from. We use vinyl patching materials to fix and repair the cracks.

Working with pool and patio design will ensure you get the right service. We have been in this industry for a while now, and so we can fix any leakage as scheduled. Call us today at 954-781-8383 as we are always ready to serve you.

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