Best Ways For Travertine Paver Installation

By: Leon Levigne

Installing pavers gives a property an attractive exterior look. They come in varying styles, colors, and designs. One can install them by mud-set or dry-set. These two methods have different benefits depending on where they are to be installed. However, choosing the dry-set process one should consider some basic skills of installation. Below are some of the best ways to follow to manage a Travertine Paver Installation.

Prepare the soil

Prepare the area by clearing away grass and any other material covering the area. Compact the soil which must not be too wet or too dry. These are two important factors as they will help maintain a level of flatness.

Create a border

Make a border using some pavers. It is necessary to secure the border using FlexBond. It ensures that the travertine does not get damaged when they expand and contract during freeze/thaw cycles.

Add gravel and sand

After completing the border, use gravel to fill in the interior. Also add crushed limestone as it helps the gravel to be fixed snugly together, ensures that pavers remain in place, and allows proper water drainage. Compact the gravels after which sand is used to top it off.

Lay the travertine

Once the base is done, install the pavers. The pattern depends on the owner’s preference which requires a few cuts to ensure they acquire the right sizes. There are specific tools used to cut pavers not to break them. After acquiring the right-sized pavers, lay them on top of the sand. Their edges should fit perfectly well without leaving spaces.

Fill in the joints

Having attained the required pattern, the job is completed by filling the joints. The best material used is polymeric sand. It is effective as it gets into the joints and cracks, solidifying and keeping the pavers in perfect positions. Weeds have fewer chances of growing between the pavers.

Following this procedure, pavers installation ends up being successful. Our company is well-known to provide to install best travertine pavers. Our experienced experts ensure client happiness is guaranteed at all times.

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