The Best Process Of Travertine Paver Installation

By: Leon Levigne

Travertine paving can either be dry-set or mud set. If you are contemplating which option to go for before undertaking a travertine paver installation, you can never go wrong with the dry set method. The method works excellently in northern and southern climates. The good thing about it is that when you dry set your paving, you will be able to replace them easily when the need arises. This article will highlight the process of dry setting your paver.

We first prepare the space where we will lay the pavement. This entails cleaning to get rid of grass and other debris that is around the area. We then go ahead and compact the soil. This is done to make sure that the soil is not too wet or dry. To get the right level of flatness, compacting has to be done. We then create borders around the perimeter of the space using pavers. Securing the border is essential since it will allow your pavement to contract and expand during freeze cycles without damaging.

After securing the border, fill the interior with six to eight inches of gravel. We incorporate crushed limestone because it fits comfortably together and will keep the pavement in place. Limestone also allows for efficient drainage. We compact the gravel, cross-checking between each layer to ensure they are fully pressed. When the gravel is set, we top the area off with a half an inch of sand.

Now the base is complete; we can lay the travertine. Our clients can choose the pattern depending on the design they envisioned. We have to cut the pavement so that we can acquire pavements of the right size. We make the cuts using the same equipment that cut bricks. After acquiring the pieces, we place them on top of the sand, ensuring that their edges fit comfortably.

We use polymeric sand to fill the joints. The polymeric sand will fill the cracks and solidifies your pavement in place. The process ensures weeds do not have a chance of growing in between the space. Call Pool And Patio Design today for exemplary services.

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