Keep Your Water Feature And Your Property Protected With Swimming Pool Leak Detection

By: Leon Levigne

Water is essential for life. Unfortunately, for homeowners, evidence of water in places where it should not be is a sign of serious trouble. Leaks can cause massive amounts of property damage, and they can also set the stage for pest infestations, liability issues, and more. The good news is that Pool & Patio Design can help you identify these issues and quickly resolve them. Our services for swimming pool leak detection can benefit both you and your home or business in a vast range of ways.

To start, we can make sure that you are indeed dealing with a leak. You may be noticing rapidly declining water levels that make you suspect that a problem exists somewhere in the pump system or even in the foundation of your pool. Surprisingly, however, if you happen to live in a particularly hot climate, what you might be seeing is simply the signs of rapid evaporation instead. Having an inspection performed will help put your fears to rest while eliminating the need for any major repairs or replacements.

The source of a leak can be quite elusive. Sometimes having an inspection performed is about more than simply confirming or denying your suspicions. Not only do you want to find out whether or not leaks actually exist, but you also need to pinpoint their true source. This is something that our repair technicians are highly adept in.

You can avoid the high costs of using a repair service when working with us. Leak repair companies may not be your best bet when you merely suspect that a problem exists. It is far cheaper to have the issue inspected and properly diagnosed. If repair services are needed, our team will help you learn more about your options so that you can make an informed decision on the maintenance and care of your water feature on your own.

When leaks exist, this creates the potential for overgrowths of harmful bacteria. Making sure that your system and your pool is seamless and airtight in all the areas it should be can be key for keeping swimmers safe. With our expansive range of services, you’ll have access to all of the solutions that you need for both minimizing or avoiding property damages and ensuring a safe and enjoyable-to-use water feature.

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