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By: Leon Levigne

Dining outdoors can be a very relaxing and refreshing experience. This is especially true if you’ve taken the time to create a functional and visually stunning outdoor cooking area. Are you looking for a summer kitchen designer in Pompano Beach, FL? If so, then Pool & Patio Design is the perfect company to call.

We have an extensive amount of experience in creating beautiful and cutting-edge outdoor kitchens for our clients. Moreover, we’re adept at helping homeowners reach their goals in a timely and affordable fashion. This is largely due to our incredible supplier relationships, and the massive inventories of design elements that we have access to as the result of these relationships.

Creating a backyard kitchen in Deerfield Beach is a property investment that is guaranteed to pay for itself. When it comes to increasing overall property values, these outdoor improvements can be just as beneficial to homeowners as upgrades that are made to the building interior. A quality cooking and eating area will set your unit apart from other comparable homes in the neighborhood. It will also allow you to increase your asking price should you ever choose to list your home on the market.

One of the greatest benefits of these spaces, however, is being able to both prepare foods and serve them outdoors, which can be invaluable when the outside temperatures are so hot that turning your oven on becomes unthinkable. With a functional space that includes a cooktop, grill, and several burners, you can continue making balanced and healthful meals for your loved ones, and without driving indoor temperatures sky high. In this way, these investments can also help you shave money off your summertime energy bills, particularly if you’re committed to cooking at home year-round.

People who enjoy entertaining love our designs. With a backyard kitchen in Deerfield Beach, you can host family, friends and co-workers, while minimizing the amount of traffic that has to pass through your indoor living areas. Our kitchens include a number of cutting edge and truly convenient features. From pavers for comfortable walking to full bars, covered tables, ample seating, storage areas, and a variety of ways for making sumptuous meals, you’ll have the same cooking and serving capabilities that you do indoors.

We pride ourselves in offering the perfect blend of both functionality and aesthetics. We want your kitchen to look just as good as it works. With our impressive supplier relationships, we can give you access to a range of stunning backyard additions including wood-fired pizza ovens, state-of-the-art grills, professional-grade wet bars, and more. Call us at 954-781-8383 right now to get your free estimate!

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