Steps To Brick Paver Installation

By: Leon Levigne

If you are looking for an affordable and durable paving option for your patio, then brick pavers are the best choice to go for. The pavement will enhance the appearance of your outdoor living area. The best way to acquire satisfactory results during a brick paver installation project is by hiring pool and patio design. We have hands-on experience that will enable us to provide proficient services.

The first step of the project will be preparing the base. We will locate and outline the area you intend the paving to be installed and set stakes at the four corners. We then go ahead and excavate the place, ensuring that it is eight inches deep. It is only then that we spread gravel in the area. We use a rake to spread the gravel and smoothen the place. A power tamper, on the other hand, will ensure the site is tamped down to a level surface.

To secure the pavement, we cut and measure the plastic paving edges to the needed length. We then lay the edging to the outer border and secure it by hammering down 12 spikes to the ground. After that is down, we pour sand to this area and ensuring that it is one depth. It may be essential to distribute the sand evenly in the place. A rake will be useful in smoothening out and levelling the surface.

The base is now ready for brick pavers. Lay each brick starting from the edging border. A rubber mullet would come in handy during this time because we use it to tap the bricks into place, laying your pavement into completion. For irregular spaces, we will have to cut the bricks with a chisel so that they can fit such space.

We are almost done, after laying the bricks into place, we have to fill their joints. We do so by spreading a thin layer of sand on the pavers and sweeping the sand into the joints. We then spray water on your patio to soak the sand and help them comfortably fit together in the gaps. We run a tamper the last time to ensure the pavement fits in place. Call us today for this and many paving related services.

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