How A Pergola Installer In Pompano Beach Helps You Enjoy The Outdoors More

By: Leon Levigne

Florida is a large paradise in winter, what with its temperate weather and still-sunny beaches that you can actually swim in without getting frostbite. But come spring and especially summer, the mercury on the thermometer heats up and the weather can get hot. The sun shines directly in your eyes, which can cause you to squint and feel uncomfortable. But if you find a good pergola installer in Pompano Beach, you can find a new way to enjoy the sunshine without squinting due to the shade a good pergola provides.

A pergola is a structure, traditionally made of stone, that provides partial shade. It has support beams and an open lattice on top where climbing plants or vines fill in the open part, creating more shade and beautifying your backyard at the same time. It is a classic design that over the years has evolved. In some models, the lattice is not open, giving full shade without the use of plants. Materials now include more than just stone, such as wood or aluminum.

We here at Pool and Patio Design have over 30 years of experience in designing pergolas for use in the hot South Florida sun. We can build you a pergola from scratch, using either your chosen pre-existing design, or we can design one for you based on your desires. Our ability to make a custom model for you is what sets us apart from competitors and helps to ensure your satisfaction.

We generally use one of two materials for our custom pergolas. Aluminum is great because it is lightweight and withstands the elements very well. If you don’t like the look of aluminum, we also offer western red cedar wood or pressure-treated pine wood as options for a more natural look that is also weather-proof.

Beyond just the support beams and lattice, there are other things that can be added. For example, we can make the structure larger to include a side wall that is either free-standing or attached to an existing structure. We can also add a built-in fireplace, which is great for the chilly nights that sometimes happen during winter in Florida.

Pool and Patio Design has an excellent reputation with our customers, who always come away satisfied with our designs and installation. So don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up an initial consultation. Then you will be well on your way to enjoying fresh air and sunshine without the glare of the sun’s rays bothering you.

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