Five Reasons Why It’s Vital To Hire A Licensed Pool Builder

By: Leon Levigne

When you want a new water feature installed on your property, licensing is always the first feature to check for. There are a number of pool decking companies and installation contractors that work without obtaining their professional license. Hiring these entities is risky business for a vast range of reasons. At Pool & Patio Design, we’ve seen countless problems arise from shoddy workmanship, poor training, and lack of planning and permitting. That’s why we want to help locals know why working with a licensed pool builder is always the right choice.

Failing to have the right person design and install your swimming features will prevent you from getting the permitting approvals that you need. The resulting product may not be built up to code. More importantly, it will detract value from your home rather than adding to it.

Another major drawback of failing to check licensing is the likelihood that providers will additionally lack insurance. Most insurance carriers will not assume the risk of working with unlicensed service providers. This will leave you unprotected in the event that a provider gets harmed on your property, and if errors and omissions are made during the work process. Worse still, your own home insurance policy could be voided due to your taking on a lot of unnecessary risk on your own.

Homeowners have no sure form of recourse when they work with parties that are properly licensed. When you hire a pool remodeling contractor in Pompano Beach, don’t make the mistake of simply pulling licensing information from their website. Be sure to check it with the issuing body to make sure that it is valid, active, and not contested due to legal challenges, infractions, or other issues.

It is also important to contact insurance companies on your own when verifying coverage. Insurers will let you know if policies have lapsed, or if they don’t have the right limits for providing you with the protection you deserve. Although it might seem cheaper to hire companies with lapsed licensing and coverage, you’ll definitely end up paying far more in the long run.

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