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Choosing A Pool Designer In Pompano Beach, FL

Whether you live in Pompano Beach or one of the surrounding communities, such as Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Lighthouse Point, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Wilton Manors or Boca Raton, year-round warm weather makes the creation of a backyard pool almost mandatory. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced pool designer in Pompano Beach FL, our design team and contractors are the best professionals in the industry.

At Pool and Patio Design Inc, we are fully dedicated to providing you with the backyard of your dreams. Our customized designs are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and will integrate seamlessly with existing or planned backyard landscape. Whether it is splashing around, soaking up the sun or taking a refreshing dip, choosing the contractors with Pool and Patio Design Inc, means looking forward to creating memorable moments with your family, neighbors and friends for years to come.

The designers and installers associated with the company have more than two decades of working throughout South Florida. They have the knowledge and experience to design your outdoor living area which fully satisfies your needs and preferences. The characteristics of the design can include color, surface, surroundings, water features and accessories. The right design can provide years of entertainment and fun for family and friends.

The team at Pool & Patio design can be of assistance in designing and remodeling the entire backyard. When you want an aesthetically appealing and functional area around a water feature, a perfect space for entertainment or a serene oasis for meditation and relaxation, the professional design team can create a solution which is visually pleasing and fits within your budget.

Some of the elements of your backyard refresh include remodeling, deck renovations and outdoor kitchens which can be as grandiose or as simple as you like. While the crew is on site, you can be certain that they place the highest priority on keeping the work area clean. They handle materials and tools with care and safety consciousness. The outdoor living contractors are fully licensed and bonded and are proud to maintain a clean and professional decorum while working on your project.

The pergolas are beautifully designed and customized for each client. They add a special element to pools or patios. The style can be contemporary, romantic or classic to add shade against the hot Florida sun. Traditional pergolas were constructed of stone, but today, building materials can include brick, glass, vinyl or metal.

Get Connected With The Best Outdoor Remodeling Contractors In Pompano Beach, FL

Many homeowners spend incredible sums of money on indoor improvement projects. Surprisingly, however, some of the best sweat equity can be built by diligently beautifying and upgrading outside areas instead. After all, these are the very first spaces that prospective buyers are going to see when approaching your home. Do you need the help of outdoor remodeling contractors in Pompano Beach, FL? If so, then Pool & Patio Design is definitely the company you want to call.

In addition to helping you increase the curbside appeal of your home, we can add property features that make your residence a lot more enjoyable to the entire household. More importantly, we can also increase the amount of usable space that your family has access to. When people start to feel cramped and crowded indoors, they can always go outside to relax and unwind.

Increased outdoor space isn’t just good for building residents; it also gives homeowners ample ways to keep their guests entertained when throwing major parties. For instance, we can help you design an impressive and all-inclusive, outdoor kitchen and dining area. This way, you can hold major events without having to bring people into your actual indoor living space. From complete cook-tops and grills, wet bars, and counter areas, we will make sure that you have a sleek and fully functional area for cooking meals, serving drinks and entertaining.

If you have a pool on your property but know that it is outdated, let us help you give it a more modern look and feel. Beyond installing beautiful stone walkways or eye-catching inserts, we can also install underwater lighting and speakers. Your teens will love these features given that they allow for truly impressive pool parties.

We have more than 25 years of experience as a professional contractor within the South Florida area. This makes Pool & Patio Design the perfect choice for your backyard remodel in Pompano Beach. Along with our extensive experience and truly impressive portfolio of successful projects, we also maintain some of the best supplier relationships within our industry. Due to this fact, we have plenty of opportunities to pass savings down to our customers, even as we supply an impressive range of options for competitively priced, project materials.

Call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate! Let us help you bring your design visions to life. From a gorgeous new patio to a truly modern and well-equipped pool, we can assist you in turning your outdoor areas into a space that people will absolutely love using.

Finding A Top-Rated Backyard Remodeling Contractor In Pompano Beach, FL

Outdoor living is a favored way of spending spring, summer and fall seasons throughout the United States. In Florida, many homeowners are able to take advantage of great weather regardless of the season. An attractive and functional backyard is necessary to make full use of the Florida weather. If you are looking for a top-rated backyard remodeling in Pompano Beach FL, Pool & Patio Design has reliable and professional designers and contractors to meet your needs.

We have the experience and skills to provide a wide range of services in your back or side yard area, Our portfolio includes pool and spa renovations, pool deck renovations, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and water features. Each design and installation we create is customized for the lifestyles and preferences of the specific homeowner.

We take a number of factors into consideration when designing your outdoor living space. Some of our clients might have children or pets; others might want to install a quiet meditative area for yoga or catching up with that new best-seller. We can define flower beds, rock gardens or koi ponds with equal care and precision. If your outdoor space is intended to be an extension of a living room or family room, it may look different than if your outdoor time is centered around an outdoor kitchen.

Decisions about the function of the project when it is completed should be made in consultation with the experts at Pool & Patio Design Inc. The professional designer can help to translate your dreams and mental images into an outdoor space that fits your needs and preferences. The pros may have suggestions for added features which will make the underutilized space even more inviting to you, your family members and guests.

Out experienced remodeling team will take many of the five senses into consideration when creating a backyard you can be proud of. You will be able to see colors that appeal to your color palette and combine flawlessly with any existing structures. You may want to smell flowers and plants or to use tools such as incense burners. The variety of sensations through different building materials and live plantings can satisfy your sense of touch. Finally, the sound of moving water, such as would be found in a water feature, is both soothing and masking of other sounds.

When you need information about a trusted backyard remodeling expert, review our website and photo galleries. If you prefer, you can call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate!

Backyard Remodeling In Pompano Beach, FL And Adjacent Cities

Do you need a professional backyard remodeling contractor? At Pool Patio and Design, we offer backyard remodeling in Pompano Beach, FL. This includes pool and spa renovations, along with pool deck remodels and outdoor kitchens.

With years of experience, we are committed to beautifying your residential or commercial landscapes. Our team also offers free estimates and quotes, along with timely services and the latest in landscaping enhancement equipment. From backyard kitchens and Pergolas to complete poolside renovations, you are guaranteed the best services from the best people in the business.

If your yard looks dull and boring, it may be time for a facelift. Pool Patio and Design continues to receive great reviews for our products and services. In fact, we have over 25 years of experience in landscaping, renovation, and property enhancement.

As always, the installers and technicians are fully trusted, licensed and insured contractors. We also offer complimentary consultations and work within your budget to produce aesthetically pleasing designs and visuals. With stress-free services and complete safety in mind, we can turn your yard into a lavish, elegant work of art.

Pool Patio and Design is proud to serve the South Florida region. This includes yard enhancement services for Coconut Creek, Delray, Boca Raton and all adjacent cities. With high-quality materials and a specialized team, our company truly employs the most experienced renovation specialists in the South Florida area.

Our contractors have the tools and expertise to remodel the entire layout of your yards. We also integrate a myriad of features, which ensures optimal correlation with existing themes and decor. Similarly, we can create the perfect atmosphere, while capturing the allure and essence of your desired designs and aspirations. For more information about us, simply contact us today and get your home or business’s outdoor areas back in order.

Call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate!

Are You Looking For A Pool Deck Renovation In Pompano Beach, FL?

Do you need pool and spa services? Maybe you are bored with how your pool looks like and you want pool deck renovations. Or you might want to have outdoor kitchens installed or renovated or you want a waterfall on your property. If you want any of these things, then you are in the right place. We can provide you with the best pool renovations in Pompano Beach, FL.

It is important that you hire professional service providers since they have the skill and the expertise to get the job done. We have been doing this for over 25 years, so you can be sure that we know what we are doing.

It only takes a couple of extra features to transform your swimming area from an ordinary one to a luxurious one. A touch of a waterfall here, an Outdoor Kitchen or bar area can make a great difference. You can even have a nice lounging area set up.

We can repair cracks and even patch up the surface of the deck. We can even pressure wash the area and leave it looking clean and amazing. This will make the area highly functional, such that you can use it anytime you want. You can even host your family and friends there, considering the enjoyable landscape that can result from the changes made to the area.

We will help you get the project done in a decent amount of time. Without the right tools and skills, it can take a long time to finish the project, which can end up costing you a lot of money. You do not want this. You need a pool renovation company in Pompano Beach, who can finish the work as fast as possible. You can spend your time concentrating on other things, as we tackle your swimming pool area.

We eliminate the chances of your projects getting messed up. We will do the job and get it right the first time. It can get quite expensive to correct any errors made. That is why you cannot afford to compromise on professionalism. You can check our portfolio to see all the beautiful spas and swimming pool areas that we have done. There is no need for you to risk your project by hiring to someone who is not a professional. Let us work on your project and you will not regret it.

When you hire a professional, your satisfaction is almost guaranteed. This is because we have been doing this for a long time. If you are worried about the end product, talk to our previous clients and see what they have to say about us. You will not have to worry as to whether you will like the end product, as it is almost certain that you will.

It might be necessary to carry out enhancements on your property from time to time, just to create a new atmosphere or to deal with the wear and tear that comes with regular use of the things. When such a time comes, Call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate!

Are you looking for pool remodeling in Pompano Beach, FL?

Lots of homeowners love having swimming pools, especially when these water features are just installed. Over time, however, the overall look and functionality of these structures can become boring and outdated. Are you looking for pool remodeling in Pompano Beach, FL? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Countless consumers are looking for ways to both update and enhance their pools for increased features, usability, style and aesthetic appeal. At Pool And Patio Design, we offer seamless, end to end solutions to all of our Pompano Beach and neighboring customers.

You might want to add in a new lighting system, aggregate finish. We can help you establish a feasible budget for this project while identifying all of the improvements that are guaranteed to provide the best possible returns. When our work is done, not only will you have a water feature that provides far more enjoyment for all residents in your home, but you’ll also have an amazing place for entertaining.

In addition to adding more features, we can also design and install a beautiful patio area. This is perfect for homeowners who enjoy throwing outdoor parties for families and friends. If you’re looking to install other features into your landscaping plan such as an outdoor kitchen, we can create the perfect surface for bringing your design visions to fruition.

Not only do we build patios and pergolas, but we also offer deck repairs and other improvements for making these features come alive. We have a massive showroom and an expansive portfolio of impressive projects that we have completed in the past. We are aligned with the very best pool product suppliers throughout the nation. This means that we can source incredible materials for your project to create a unique and enduring look that blends seamlessly with the remainder of your property.

Call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate! Let us help you learn all about your options in enhancing, re-envisioning, repairing and totally redesigning this important outdoor water feature. With our assistance, you can devise the perfect redesign plans for both enhancing your property value and dramatically increasing the amount of usability and enjoyment that your family gets from this important amenity.

Discover The Best Services For Your Remodeling Needs In Pompano Beach

With diligent maintenance and care, swimming pools can add a lot of value to residential properties. These water features provide the perfect places for relaxation and entertaining. They also give property residents an easy way to keep themselves cool during the toughest months of summer. It’s important to note, however, that they should be aesthetically pleasing as well. When they become old, worn and outdated, they can eventually turn into veritable eyesores. Are you looking for reputable services for backyard remodeling in Pompano Beach? If so, then Pool and Patio Design can help you get the timely, affordable and truly breathtaking solutions you need.

We have an extensive amount of experience in backyard remodeling. Whether you have just purchased existing construction and want to revamp this feature and make it your own, or are simply looking for a way to update a home that you’ve owned for quite some time, we can assist you in establishing the best design plans for your needs, spending abilities and goals. Best of all, we’ll make sure that this major improvement project ultimately pays for itself by building sweat equity and adding considerable value to your home.

There are actually a number of projects that we’re capable of implementing at the home exterior. We have installed comprehensive outdoor kitchens, functional patios, porches and more. Thus, if you’re looking for a comprehensive outdoor plan for entertaining, we can help you with that as well. We’ll make sure that your water feature and other outside amenities blend together safely and seamlessly, and that these are guaranteed to impress.

With over 25 years of experience in this industry, we are also aligned with all of the very best suppliers for projects like these. We can show you a vast range of options in attractive, high-quality and durable materials. Beyond resurfacing the pool itself, we can additionally perform deck repairs, install safety fencing, add a custom waterfall, and put in any special audio or lighting equipment that you desire.

Our technicians are also adept at remodeling spas and many other features that coordinate with pools. Working with us is a great way to save both time and money given that you can get more of what you need in one place. More importantly, we are willing to back all of our work up with our solid guarantee.

Call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate! You can check out our expansive online showroom to know more about our past projects and our current capabilities. With the help of a trusted remodeling contractor in Pompano Beach, you can transform your backyard into your own, private resort.

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