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Why You Should Look For A Reliable Remodeling Contractor For Aluminum Pergolas In Pompano Beach

In order to maximize having the best time during this time of the year, you should have an appealing backyard that captivates you to spend time there. Most people look forward to having a great time in aluminum pergolas in Pompano Beach especially in summer and spring seasons. We offer great remodeling services to turn your backyard into the envy of your friends and family while offering you the best moments of your life.

Our experience spans from renovating pool decks to spa renovations and aluminum pergolas. This experience, resulting from years spent in remodeling side and back yards, is a guarantee that we will build you something memorable. What’s more, our designs are specifically tailored to suit your needs and preferences.

There are several things we consider when it comes to designing your yards. For example, you might have young kids or pets which have to be taken into consideration. Apart from that, it depends with the needs of the client. There are those looking for a space that helps them to escape from the noise of urban areas and one that gets them into that meditative mood. Whatever your needs, we will take every measure to make sure that we give you what you are looking for.

Whatever decisions need to be made concerning your project, it is advisable that you make them in consultation with our qualified experts. This is because our designers are best suited to transform your dreams into reality in a way that caters for your preferences. They will be sure to give you valuable tips which will lead to full utilization of your space in a way that even you didn’t think possible.

Our remodeling team will make use of their vast experience and knowledge to give you a space that absorbs all your five senses. Whatever existing structures there are will be complemented by appealing colors that your eyes will love to feed on. There will be scented flowers and plants that will take your breath away, literally. If you are into incense burners, worry no more.

Our qualified experts will get plants that help to bring out that incense flavor even strongly. To wrap things up, they will spruce up your yard with moving water to calm your senses and provide that soothing feeling when you just want to relax after a busy day out. Call on us today and we will turn your space into something you will live to remember.

Signs You Need Pool Resurfacing In Pompano Beach

A lot goes into caring and maintaining a swimming pool and it can get frustrating when those efforts seem pointless. There are several factors that can make one feel that they are not doing enough for their pool. In reality, the issue is not the efforts that are being put in but the fact there is a real need for pool resurfacing in South Florida.

As pools age, a few signs start to show that it is in dire need of a makeover. Passing off the signs as nothing serious or something to be dealt with later may prove disastrous as they may become worse meaning there will be need of much more work than resurfacing.

One of the first signs to look out for are stains. Stains can be very annoying especially when they refuse to come off. They are normally caused by chemicals that are put in the water over time, algae, leaves and debris. At first, they may seem just annoying, but with time as they increase, they make the pools less appealing turning people away from an enjoyable swim.

The other sign that is hard to miss is the texture of the surface. Resurfacing is advised when the surface starts getting rough, a sign that it is wearing off. Causes of the texture deteriorating include having to clean more often especially when trying to get rid of stains and deterioration from the chemicals put into the water often. The surface can also wear off when the pH of the water is not right due to wrong quantities of chemicals fused into the water.

The final sign that would make a pool in need of a makeover is leaking. When it seems to lose water faster than usual, there is a probability that it is leaking. The surface is already deteriorating, then chances are that there are cracks causing the leaks. When not fixed as soon as possible, the leak will increase as well as the water bill.

We pride ourselves at offering the best service when it comes to remodeling and renovating. We have been in business for over twenty-five years managing an excellent team of skilled and experienced experts who do their best to meet the needs of our clients. Our services from consultation to implementation ensure that the resurfacing process is seamless and our clients get value for their money.

Call Pool & Patio Design at (954) 781-8383 to book a free estimate and take the first step toward enjoying your newly renovated pool!

Benefits Of A Luxury Pool Design In Pompano Beach, FL

When you live in a climate such as Florida, the ability to spend time in a backyard pool is important. While many homes already have such an amenity, others do not or may have an existing pool which is not attractive and inviting in which to swim. Are you looking for information about a luxury pool design in Pompano Beach, FL? Do you need backyard remodeling services in the Pompano Beach area? Pool & Patio Design provides professionals able to provide the most trusted and reliable design service for backyard pool installation and remodeling.

We have more than a quarter century of experience with all work performed by trusted, insured and licensed contractors. Our one hundred trusted reviews have accumulated 4.8 average in our ratings. We provide stress-free service and are careful to ensure that we put safety first in all of our projects. We are also dedicated to respect during every contact with each customer throughout the entire creation, build and install process.

We have more than twenty years of experience in all of Southern Florida. Our skill and expertise to help you with all of your remodeling needs. The service area includes all of South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Lighthouse Point, Wilmon Manors, Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek and Boca Raton.

We have a strong focus on safety for each of the clients we serve. We recognize the risks and stresses of a building site especially if there are children or pets in the household. During the construction process, you can enjoy peace-of-mind with the recognition that our crews place the highest priority on ensuring that the work area is clean and that tools, equipment, and building materials are properly secured and handled. The expert contractors always treat you and your project with the respect and care you deserve.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the backyard design you have dreamed about. Our designs are customized for appearance, space, finish, and size, as well as for the depth. The design is intended to integrate seamlessly with your backyard landscape. You decide on the features which are most important to you and we make them happen. Whether it is a water feature, outdoor living space or other options, you can be sure of full satisfaction with the results.

When you are looking for the best assistance for a pool remodel in Pompano Beach, we have solutions. From the earliest idea in the mind of the client to the finished backyard, our remodeling experts provide stress-free service every step of the way. You can call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate!

Tips For Picking The Best Pool Designers In Pompano Beach

Nothing relaxes like dipping yourself in the cool water on a hot day. To enjoy that relaxation often, most people have built pools within their backyard. At any time during the summer, they can cool off. Everyone wants to have unique pools. That is why hiring professionals to design and construct it is very important. Listed are tips for picking the best pool designers in Pompano Beach.

Start by checking the credentials of the contractor. Seek his/her physical address and phone number and look online for reviews from their past clients. Never hire a contractor without contacting some of his/her references. The references hired the experts before so they know the quality of pools the designer can create. The opinions shared by references is based on personal experience. That explains why those opinions are accurate. Avoid a contractor that is hated by many of their references as the probability is high their services are not high-quality.

How long has the company been operating? The best resources have more experience in designing and constructing pools. They know the various challenges experts can face while doing this work. That enables them to prepare adequately against any challenge. Most experienced professionals handle this work flawlessly. That proves why they are the best choice.

How long does it typically take for the company to finish designing and completing the pools? This always depends on the design and magnitude of the pools. For instance, bigger pools will need more time. However, great designers are determined to finish constructing pools on time. Hence, they will deploy more workers in bigger pools. Any company who delays in completing these projects should be avoided.

Keep in mind that designers are providing their services with the intent of generating income. That is the reason why they impose charges on their services. Some experts want to earn more profits on every client. Thus, they have escalated the cost of their services. Most people are incapable of affording such projects. Save more by looking for an affordable contractor in the region with many positive reviews from third-party websites.

Find out if the workers of your preferred designer are insured. While providing their services, there is a likelihood these workers may injure themselves. Customers are liable to pay for such expenses if those workers are not insured. Avoid such a costly liability by hiring a professional who ensures his/her employees.

And above all, make sure you like the style of their past work or at the very least be sure they have a clear understanding of your specific goals, needs and tastes so they can create a backyard environment you will enjoy for many years.

Pool Resurfacing In Pompano Beach

Pool and Patio Design Inc. Is a premier Design Company that has been in operation for over 25 years. With our skills and experience, we will assist you with all your remodeling needs. Over the years, we have offered services in all South Florida areas including Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Coral Springs, Wilton Manors, and surrounding areas. Our experts are involved in every step of the pool resurfacing in Pompano Beach, starting from planning to completion to ensure that our clients receive the best services.

There are many reasons why you should use Pool and Patio Design Inc. We always involve the client to ensure minimal disruption in their homes and neighborhood. Our services are all-inclusive, involving our various professionals such as designers, estimators, construction crews, among others. Over the years, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects in South Florida. We have had an exceptional reputation of over twenty-five years where we have always involved trusted, licensed and insured professionals. We also provide our clients with personalized experience and services. Our team always ensure safety for our clients by handling materials and tools with care. We have beautiful designs that create memorable moments.

Our Services

Backyard renovations: Pool and Patio Design Inc. Is involved with all types of renovations and remodeling where we use quality materials and highly specialized and experienced personnel. In addition, we integrate various features to meet the needs of the client.

Pergolas: Due to the hot sun in South Florida, you may consider adding shade in your outdoor area. Pool and Patio Design Inc. Has a reputation for designing and building unique pergolas to add an extra element to the deck and patio.

Outdoor and summer kitchens: Outdoor kitchens provide more convenience than just a grill. Our team can help you create the right outdoor kitchen that will suit your needs. Some of the accessories involved include barbecue grills, ice chests, side burners, outdoor drawers, bar center, etc. This type of setting is a perfect complement to a backyard pool.

Driveways: Driveways are one of the most prominent features of most homes. A uniquely designed and finished driveway not only adds a visual appeal to your home but also accentuates with the landscape. This helps to significantly increase the value of the property. At Pool and Patio Design Inc., we mainly specialize in brick and marble driveways.

Contact Pool and Patio Design, Inc. today for your next outdoor remodeling project!

Pool Remodel In Pompano Beach

Are you searching for the best ideas for the pool remodel in Pompano Beach? If you have a pool, there is a need for constant maintenance. Otherwise, it will soon become a money pit. The swimming area is very important to any home, and it is indispensable for your relaxation. Because of that, it should be well maintained. If it is old, and you think that is no longer satisfying you, here are a few ideas that can help you improve the quality.

Add a spa

One of the effective ways of improving your pool it is to add a spa. It makes it more conducive to enjoy year round because you can always feel comfortable the warm spa water. In addition, you can add relaxing therapeutic jets to it. This has health benefits as it can help your muscle by making it less tense. In addition to that, this can enhance the luxurious quality of the pool and can entice you and you can enjoy your backyard more often.

Change the tiles

You can change the pool tile, and this can improve the appearance. This can make it exciting and inviting. When you change the tile, it improves the look and brings out the natural beauty of the pool surface once more. Various tiles options are available with lots of new styles hitting the market all the time. We can help you choose the ones which are most suitable to your needs.

Waterfall or slide

You can add a waterfall or slide. This can also make it more enticing. This can attract your kids and other family members. If you want something that brings about happiness and fun for the whole family, you can do it with a fun feature. These features make it beautiful and it normally does not cost much to add them.

Misting system is a good option

For you to enjoy the pool, you can add misters to it. These are great because it makes the system cool, making it more conducive for relaxation during the hot summer period. It will make the pool more functional and other family members will enjoy using it with you.

Look for an experienced professional pool designer

If you want to get the best out of remodeling efforts, then you must look for a qualified professional to handle the process for you. If you choose anything else, you cannot get the remodeling of your dreams. If you are looking for the best team, then you must consider some important features and they include the following:

Is the contractor licensed?

The first thing to consider is whether the professional is licensed. Choose a pool remodeling expert that is licensed to handle the entire effort safely and within budget.

Check the contractor background

Another important factor to consider is the professionals’ experience and online reviews. Look for somebody who has executed the type of job you’re looking for previously. If they have lots of reviews and testimonials the more assured you can be of their quality standard.

How To Land A Good Pool Designer In Pompano Beach

For many property owners, their outdoors is not complete without a pool. Well, everyone would love to enjoy that dive into the pools especially on a hot afternoon. For others, they love to enjoy their swim in the late evenings after a long day at work. Regardless of when you want to enjoy swimming, you need to make sure that you contract a pool designer in Pompano Beach. With such a wide variety of them out there, it is quite essential to know some of the qualities that outstanding designers should have. No one wants to risk their money investing in quacks who will end up with poorly designed pools.

One of the questions that you should ask yourself is whether they can customize. For most property owners, their intention is to hire someone who can be able to design a pool that matches with their taste and preferences. Unfortunately, not all designers can be able to do with ease and attention to details. The best idea is to always ask for samples of their work in the past. If they have the details you are looking for, you can go on and hire them in confidence.

In other instances, you might be looking for designers who can revamp an older pool to look as new. Well, this is quite an exciting idea and most property owners really look forward to that. In as much as it is exciting, it requires someone who is quite skilled and experienced at the same time. Thus, as you contract, kindly take time to let them know about your designs so that you find out if they can be able to work them into an existing pool redesign.

Unlike many designers out there, such experts will always offer you a guarantee for their work. You do not want a design that will not serve you for a long time. The idea is to go for designers who believe in their work and thus can offer you a warranty. This way, you can rest assured that you made a worthwhile investment for your home or even company.

Also, note that these services may not necessarily be expensive. You should be able to find yourself a designer who will be able to offer cost friendly services. While at it, also note that cheap services may not necessarily be the best. Focus on affordable but high-quality firms.

In the end, you need to carefully review the reputation of the designers that you contract. It is unfortunate that not many of them can be held to their word. Vet their qualities before you finally contract them. Again, discuss anything concerning the project early enough. It allows the process to flow quite well.

Why You Should Contact A Pool Designer In Pompano Beach Right Now

There are lots of homeowners who have long dreamed of adding swimming pools to their outdoor areas. Unfortunately, however, these individuals are often sidetracked from pursuing this particular improvement goal by the potential challenges that they might face. Whether you’re concerned with costs or the feasibility of this addition, it may be best to contact a pool designer in Pompano Beach right now. The professionals at Pool And Patio Design can help you overcome any obstacles that might lie in your way.

It is first important to note that you should never let the assumed cost of these projects get you down. There are a number of ways to arrive at budget-friendly design plans, without forgoing a quality water feature that you and all other household residents love. For instance, you may be able to install a partially or fully above-ground design that allows you to sidestep or dramatically reduce the costs of digging out a portion of your yard.

Some people find that they are able to implement their design plans in small, manageable phases. For instance, you don’t have to get a high-end design that is rich with features, immediately out of the gate. You can work with your installer to get a basic, functional design, with the intention of adding onto and enhancing this feature later. As more funds become available for this project, you can start adding in things like diving boards, underwater speakers, and underwater lights among other amenities.

It is vital to start identifying the different problems that you might face when actually implementing your plans. This way, you can devise a solid strategy for mitigating them. If your goal is a totally inground pool, you may find that obstructions like tree roots and utility lines are getting in your way. Pool and Patio Design can help you alter your intended location or structure shape in order to limit the costs of working around these physical barriers.

When you consult with reputable installers, you can learn all about the costs of these projects. This means that you can have your grounds assessed for feasibility and can get a basic estimate of the overall job price based upon the desired features, amenities and materials. Contacting a trusted local company now will give you the best ability to start budgeting.

Contacting a licensed provider is an effective strategy for building rapid and considerable equity. If you want to increase the resale value of your abode or boost its overall marketability, this is an excellent way to do it. Getting started now is far better than waiting until you are eager to offload your home for something else. With timely implementation and design, you can enjoy this feature yourself and can expect to receive remarkable returns on your investment further down the road.

Get Connected With The Best Pool Remodeling Contractor In Pompano Beach, FL

Lots of homeowners love having swimming pools, especially when these water features are just installed. Over time, however, the overall look and functionality of these structures can become boring and outdated. Are you looking for pool remodeling in Pompano Beach, FL? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Countless consumers are looking for ways to both update and enhance their pools for increased features, usability, style and aesthetic appeal. At Pool And Patio Design, we offer seamless, end to end solutions to all of our Pompano Beach and neighboring customers.

You might want to add in a new lighting system, aggregate finish, or underwater speakers. We can help you establish a feasible budget for this project while identifying all of the improvements that are guaranteed to provide the best possible returns. When our work is done, not only will you have a water feature that provides far more enjoyment for all residents in your home, but you’ll also have an amazing place for entertaining.

In addition to adding more features, we can also design and install a beautiful patio. This is perfect for homeowners who enjoy throwing outdoor parties for families and friends. If you’re looking to install other features into your landscaping plan such as an outdoor kitchen, we can create the perfect surface for bringing your design visions to fruition.

Not only do we build patios and pergolas, but we also offer deck repairs and other improvements for making these features come alive. We have a massive showroom and an expansive portfolio of impressive projects that we have completed in the past. We are aligned with the very best pool product suppliers throughout the nation. This means that we can source incredible materials for your project to create a unique and enduring looks that blends seamlessly with the remainder of your property.

When shopping for a pool remodeling contractor in Pompano Beach, there are a number of important factors that you should look for. Among these are experience, professional licensing, comprehensive commercial coverage, and an impressive portfolio of past work. As a top-rated business within this area, we meet all of these requirements and more. Best of all, our overarching goal is to help consumers just like you get exactly what they want and need at a price they can afford.

Call 954-781-8383 today for a free estimate! Let us help you learn all about your options in enhancing, re-envisioning, repairing and totally redesigning this important outdoor water feature. With our assistance, you can devise the perfect redesign plans for both enhancing your property value and dramatically increasing the amount of usability and enjoyment that your family gets from this important amenity.

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