Best Pool Repair Contractor Explains The Different Kinds Of Filters

By: Leon Levigne

If your swimming pool water looks filthy yet the pump is working just fine, it could be that the filters need changing. Replacing the filters is crucial when they get worn out, dirty or inefficient. When they work properly, they help eliminate contaminants, ensuring your water remains crystal clear and healthy through all seasons. It remains crucial to seek the expertise of a seasoned pool repair contractor immediately you notice concerns with the quality of water in your facility.

There are three main types of filters we could install to help enhance the quality of your water. Each type comes with a special set of perks and drawbacks that you should know about before choosing the device to use. Diatomaceous earth filters, commonly referred to as DE filters, are the most effective option because they can capture tiny two-micron particles.

One human hair strand has a diameter of about 50 microns. On the other hand, a dust particle is about 4 microns in diameter. This means that DE filters can clean out microbes that are too tiny to see. While the efficiency and durability of these filters are out of the question, they also have a few major disadvantages. First, they are expensive and secondly, they require more frequent cleaning.

Cartridge filters are your next best option. Compared to DE filters which can last for about 10 years, these filters are less durable and only have a lifespan of about 8 years. They are also a little less efficient and can only trap particles as small as 10 microns. On the bright side, they are less expensive and require less frequent cleaning.

Another option you have is the sand filters. These filters are the most affordable and the easiest to maintain. On the flip side, they happen to be the least effective and can only trap particles that are more than 20 microns in diameter. This option is best for homeowners looking for a nearly maintenance-free option. We will discuss your needs during the initial consultation and help you choose the right device for your facility.

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